What reasons constitute forming a new AMPA?

To know the opinions of ALL parents on any matter that could interest, opening a new channel of communication, that is simple and available to ALL, which does not exist up to now.

How do we achieve this objective?

Organizing consultations to gain the opinions of ALL parents.

On which issues will the consultations be made?

On any issues of general interest that any parents (including yourself) want to suggest.

Can I promote a consultation on an issue that interests me?

Yes, on any matter of general interest: it would only need to be supported by 40 other parents.

And what it will be done with the results of the consultation?

Final results will be publicised, expressing the global opinion of ALL parents and, if authorized, transferred at the earliest instance

Will consultations be of any use at college level?

Yes, in the school board. The associates of this AMPA which present candidates, will transfer the results and will open discussion on its content, and will vote always representing the views of the majority, expressed in the consultation.

Is it really necessary organize these consultations?

Yes, given that the parents’ general opinion is often ignored (or deliberately not sought) as well as that individual opinions defended (and not just those represented by the majority).

Ultimately, why should I associate myself?

So that your opinion is offered and heard, and to be heard directly by the school board and institutions that follow.

Can I be a member of the two AMPAS?

Of course. The AMPA PARTICIPATIVA function is complementary at the AMPA that already exist, and you will not lose any advantage you had previously.

What does it cost to be a member of this AMPA?

Nothing, it is free. If you want to collaborate in some way to support it, please, get in touch with us.